September 5, 2012
By kangaroosandrasburryjam SILVER, Bayshore, New York
kangaroosandrasburryjam SILVER, Bayshore, New York
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"i dont love you im just passing the time you could love me if i knew how to lie, but who could love me i am out of my mind"- panic at the disco

"the people that mind dont matter, and the people that matter dont mind"- dr. seus

it was only a lifetime ago

your heart beat surging warmth through my hands on your chest

trembling, bitten by the december atmosphere.

your voice whispering first soft then it would grow

words with texture sliping through youre lips telling of distant lands

if i close my eyes now its like im still here

you were my gypsy i was your long abandoned home

in your arms i fell into worlds of beauty and of starlight

your skin tough from exposure to lifes cruelties but soften by love

your eyes said youd forever roam

my lips froze out of spite

i died that night.

tell them brother they are soon to discover you're mad, say i was ill swear it was merely a mercy kill.

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