Dreaming in Colors

September 5, 2012
By lreeves GOLD, BALTIMORE, Maryland
lreeves GOLD, BALTIMORE, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
who i am is not in the definition of ur beliefs
i have every right to keep my head held high and regonize
my beauty both mentally and physically..
you dont define me
you've never been webster and you will never be god.
i am a complex being and
my true beauty lies in my state of mind.
physically, i can be all that
but i want ur eyes to see my mind,
your ears to hear my thoughts
and regonize my knowledge
i am poetry...
feel the words that slips off my lips
the emotion that drips off my ink
embrace the aura in every syllable that is written.
Now watch me bring my emotions into your imagination.
it is who i am, i am poetry.

Tonight I'll dream of the red sunset
that graces the sky during
the dawn of the night,
my eyelids will replay my childhood,
presenting me full flesh under the moonlight
sitting beneath the sweet mango tree
listening as my mother tell stories of long ago.
When i close my eyes tonight,

I'll be my daddy's' little Lyn
who danced naked in the rain with wild,
kinky hair and eyes full of excitement
I'll walk around my town bare feet
play soccer with the boys.
I'll be that little girl who got her first kiss
by the neighborhood graveyard
as a tribute to her best friend who
lived there and never got the chance
Behind my eyes tonight,
I'll be that little girl who climbed trees
falling and scraping her knees.
I'll relive the lost of my grandmother
walk in in the storm as an escape of predestined bullets
I'll relive the lost of my innocence
I'll dream of my Africa
my house with the sandy entrance
like the premises of a beach
with trees that swayed to the
whisper of the wind
Tonight I'll dream in color
seeing the lush green of the land
naming birds by the color of their feathers
Tonight, I'll dream of the sunrise
that wakes the land i call home
and be in full flesh to experience the dawn of my Africa.

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