what love can do

September 3, 2012

One day, a man called Mohamed was addicted to facebook, a girl was suggered to him by a friend, she was from France and he was from Algeria, she was 17 and he was 18, both of them were students, and to add something, she was so beautiful , he added her and she accepted the invitation ,he could write in English, in French and in Arabic, so he didn’t have problems to correspond with her, day after day they became best friends, after that she gave him her phone number and he did the same thing, they began talking on the phone every week and than twice a week, after that they were so close of each other that he couldn’t miss a day without talking to her and when he graduated, he went to France for the first time, just to see her and to finish his studies there of course , they met, he couldn’t believe that he felt in love with her just via facebook, any way, he stayed there for a year, each one of them knew the other better, as we know they were in love with each other, but the problem was that he was Muslim and she was crestian, but that was not an obstacle for their love because they couldn’t stay away of each other anymore, so she converted Islam just to be next to him, they got married and they lived happily .
So I understand that distance doesn’t matter, because love happens and that’s the only thing witch matters

The author's comments:
that's a true story

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