Adam's Remorse

September 3, 2012
By fanfan1239 BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
fanfan1239 BRONZE, Redmond, Washington
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One is not taught to draw, he simply discovers how he likes to draw.

She looked at me
a thousand years ago
Screaming, thrashing about so
I ran away from the rising wall
of blood that insisted I fall

Until I too became the darkness
Hot and burnt to a crisp
Running till I found paradise
where all is purely bliss

I cried, it rained
and we put the sea to shame
Keening softly, for I alone was to blame
for all the hate in this world
But how can I stop? All this pain
Hurled as I was from the light of all life
and forced to endure this strain

She looked at me
a thousand years ago

The author's comments:
Despite the fact that Adam is known as the second sinner, the fall of man is as much his fault as it was Eve's.

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