Goblin Hour

September 3, 2012
They're banging at my head
pounding at my skull
demons begging me for entrance
begging for attention

I tell them "be gone"
they don't listen
never have, "why start now?"
They ask so glibbly

but I want to, need to sleep
and their clamouring for attention
is driving my brain to distraction
I can't sleep can't think
all I can do is moan in pain

I write some of it down
and lay back down
but four more demons take the place
of the two that I put away

I wish he was here
lying next to me; whispering in my ear
making the demons flee
but he's not
"will he ever be?" I wonder carelessly
put that thought to rest
and listen to the rest
clamour for my attention
as I try to rest

but sleep is not eager to visit
so I'll toss and turn
until goblin hour has passed
and even the owls have gone to bed
then I'll go to sleep
when the demons are too tired to think
I'll sleep a few short hours
wake up
and start all over again

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