The night the music took control

September 2, 2012
By PandaPunkk PLATINUM, Gilbert, Louisiana
PandaPunkk PLATINUM, Gilbert, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
Music can change the world because it changes people!

I put my hands on the keys

and as I begin to play, my heart starts to beat

It beats to the sound, to the key and to the tune

The music runs through me, like the blood through my veins

I was born this way, there’s no other way to explain it

I bolt out the words with passion and grace

As the music takes over and comes out my mouth

I lose all control and let it all come out

Fingers pounding the keys as my words catch up

The lyrics are perfect, the tune just right,

I’m completely in sync, It’s a perfect harmony

The author's comments:
Music is my life, i love it with a passion

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