"Patrick's World"

September 2, 2012
Llamas are like flowers
They both smell pretty
Or at least they do,
In “Patrick’s World”

Unicorns are the common version,
Of horses, but they run wild and free
Never to be mounted
In this crazy world

The only food is Ham and Waffles
Both served with Steven Sauce
Sauce that can only come out of spiles,
And are the spawn of magic and rainbows

Chalk drawings drawn by fairies
Of children roller skating
No school, No homework

There is no such thing as “YOLO”
For we live 20 lives
Each so different,

The sky is purple,
The grass turquoise,
The sun red,
And a rainbow shines all the time
Sometimes even a double rainbow

Graffiti is acceptable,
Song is praised,
Writing is respected,
Playing is accepted

There are only restaurants as work.
But if you don’t want to work than you don’t have to.

This land was dubbed “Patrick’s World”
And this is the land and state of the imagination of children
And dies when the world of adulthood straddles the imagina

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