My New World

September 4, 2012
By Amber1998 GOLD, Northbrook, Illinois
Amber1998 GOLD, Northbrook, Illinois
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As I dive under the surface,
I see my new family,
Made up of colorful fish and sea life,
reds, blues, and yellows.
Some large, some small,
some fast, some slow.
All have a home,
hidden among the vivid coral.
They flip their fins,
swim vivaciously up to me.
As if showing off,
their multihued outfits.
I smile,
it seems they smile back.

The author's comments:
People don't think of it often, but underwater, there is a whole other world. Made up of different sea life, prey, predators, schools, and families, it's just like on land. My inspiration for this poem came from this idea. We are just like the fish, contributing to our own world. This poem is all one stanza, with fourteen lines.

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