The Sizzling Sun of Summer

September 4, 2012
By Amber1998 GOLD, Northbrook, Illinois
Amber1998 GOLD, Northbrook, Illinois
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Hovering and capturing,
surrounding, unavoidable.
Like a hand confining me,
in his wicked scheme.

He beats down,
crafting hefty beads of sweat.
Dribbling down my forehead,
wiped away.

Huffing and puffing,
scorching for water.
He is burning and blistering,
I am sweltering and searing,

No water to be found,
just alone.
Longing for aid or help,
feeling almost ablaze.

What to do,
trapped in this jail.
By the boiling and stifling,
sizzling sun of summer.

The author's comments:
This poem, inspired by my feelings towards summer, is created to make readers feel like they are trapped in heat, trying to escape the sun. My imagery shows how much summer can beat you down, despite the "loves" of summer. In addition, I used personification to see the sun as a person, using words such as "he" and "his." This poem is free verse, and made of five quatrain stanzas.

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