A surprise in a lost

September 4, 2012
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We each have lost someone everyday of our lives
But it doesn’t mean we forget favors they’ve done, and leave it all behind
It’s really hard to imagine life without the calm sound water
Reminding ourselves of moments that were filled with joy and laughter
If you had the chance to say one thing what would you ask?
But now it’s too late, unless you bring back moments from the past
I am a combat that’s been fought against, but no one has ever won
I took everything that was left from them until they had none
I’m someone everyone hates because I ruin their lives
But I’m also good for you because I teach lessons and how to fight
Through all the toughest lifeless floods that had to occur
I always thought the thought of giving up, but instead I stood bold and firm
So now I just try to gaze up and remember the deceased
Try to imagine else what they would like to see in me
I am not a dark of past but light of an unbalanced future
A wild mind like a cast but a shy heart with endurance
So you see, although
We each have lost someone having their desire not being achieved
It doesn’t mean we forget them, but continue to live on the unfinished dream

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