Be Like That

September 4, 2012
She was just a scared girl
Hiding from the world
He drew her close
Made her feel alright
And oh how she fell

But she hated herself
For the way that she felt
After a pretty girl walked by
How she wished she could see herself so clearly from life
She only wanted to be like them
So she wouldn't feel ashamed
She only wished she could be like that for him

She worked herself hard
Hoping things would change
But with the passing time spent with him
She felt better in his arms
As if the world was suddenly larger
And she was becoming everything
Anything could he ever want
A haven meant just for them

But this girl came between them
And he got shot from a gun
Oh how he fell
And she wanted to feel
Something more than a bitter shame
They both couldn't deny
It was time, he thought to say good-bye

Her heart was broken
She thought she had done enough
Though she wasn't what she wanted
She just didn't feel right
A jealously had over taken her
Don't get me wrong, he cared..
Just not so much as her

She thought to herself about what she could have done wrong
But no answer came to her
She thought about those girls from before
And wished she could have been better
And even now she carries around the guilt
His rejection ached through her
She wanted to be like..
She wished she could be like that for him.
Maybe then.. he wouldn't have left her
Left her for a girl like that.

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