My Mind Is Dark

September 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Its dark here. No point in hiding. No point in trying. My mind is dark. The walls damp with sins, thoughts of when, things use to matter. Hot, like bottom of hell, anger filled but no need to yell. My mind screams on its own, with pain & no place to call home. It wanders, from inviting heart to heart. Never alone or bleeding at the start but torn to pieces when given the opportunity, my mind runs wild like death feeding on an innocent child. My heart toys with it giving it slivers of hope, only to stab and slice away any help, any sign of a reason to try and cope. My mind is dark, empty but so full. Full of hatred, full of questions. Lingering, standing in a corner, asking the same questions over and over, like a person who has gone insane. Rocking back, and forth grieving the ones who now only leave pain.

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