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September 4, 2012
By XxXNightdreamerXxX BRONZE, Des Moines, Iowa
XxXNightdreamerXxX BRONZE, Des Moines, Iowa
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I thought I'd take a chance
Risk a fall
Open up to something new
I had this undying hope
That you'd be the one to save me
To take away all my fears

I'd thought that today would be a new day
You'd still be around
And I'd step that much closer
Already claiming your heart
Or so I thought
I didn't know it was all wrong
I should have seen this coming
Looking from the outside in

Even now you make me smile
Break into a laugh
From everything we've been through
Do I do the same for you?
There's this on-going pain in my chest
This little part of me that seems to be a miss
Where are you now?

The times I spent with you were wild and crazy
Sometimes I believed I'd have the chance
We could have pushed past it all
Had what we wanted in the palm of our hands
Who know it was all balanced on the tips of our fingers
Just waiting to fall?

How does it feel
To wake up every morning with the thought of me on your mind?
To see me in everything you do?
Does that happen to you?
For me it's all the time
You failed, you screwed up
Who knew it would be this hard
To not be able to tell you
About a funny story
An embarrassing thing about me
So we could laugh
Maybe sing in the car, just like we used to
My voice misses yours
While all of me, misses you.

Was she worth it?
This girl you mistaked me for?
You said you didn't know if you would do it again
It's sad to know I wasn't worth everything to you
Just like you had said I do
Your world, your heart, your everything
Well where were you?

I thought a long while.
Under these stars
Held on tight to those dreams
Even while I'm here.
And you've gone away
I thought for a while..
Thought about you.
And all the things we used to do

The author's comments:
This was what I had written after my boyfriend and I had broken up. He had cheated on me while away on a trip and I had felt I had been everything to him.. this was written in the feelings of missing him, being angry, and feeling alone.

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