Overcoming the Darkness

September 4, 2012
The darkness creeps,
Threatening to swallow
The light.
The darkness crawls forward,
Eating away at the color.
Everything turns gray;
Gloom that drips with sorrow.

Yet a single tree remains.
Undefeated by the darkness.
It thrives,
Bright green and full of
Each day is a constant struggle.
The darkness wrestles with the tree,
One trying to overcome the other.

The tree extends its roots
And the green follows.
Sprigs of color in a sea of black.
An army is forming,
And the darkness faces a war.

Now the grass fights back,
And the green spreads.
Soon, everything remembers its color;
Soon, everything fights
Against the darkness.

But the tree has compassion
For the darkness,
Who has merely lost its way.
So, everything is kind to the darkness,
Despite disagreement with its way.
And the darkness lightens
From the sympathy of the others.
And the sky turns blue,
For the darkness has changed.
And there was peace.

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