Different, Strange, Truth

September 4, 2012
A river of words
Jumbled together, flowing faster
Than she can stop

Full of letters
Full of ink
So full it’s almost
Flowing over the banks

These words can’t be honest
They can’t be let go
They might hurt someone
She’s too nice

One person
Forces her out of her shell
Forces the river of words
Out of the bank
Forces her to think, feel, and breathe
Out honesty

Something haunts her
Haunting her dreams
A girl haunts her
Screaming at her for what she did
Nothing she did
Not her fault

Yet she is blamed for what she did
It reflects the way she is
It reflects how she reacts in school
It reflects how she shows herself

Something out in the light
Music in the background
Different strange
Hitting the early rays of the morning
Mayan chants
Crickets chirping
A truth is realized
Two truths are realized
A love is realized

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