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September 5, 2012
By JSych BRONZE, Confidential, Connecticut
JSych BRONZE, Confidential, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"Cheers to the memories. Love, Lust. Lost but never forgotten. Live for the moment today, Fight through tomorrow, Keep the memories of yesterdays." -Jime S.

She said
"You miss me
Wanna kiss me
So get up and do me

Thinking you far
You ain't like the stars
You're just hypnotized
So now realize
You're just stabilized

Are you afraid
Might misbehave
Thinking you hard body
You ain't nobody
You're a big disgrace
Haven't shown your face

Days has rise
Nights has fall
And still you don't call

You've been good to me
Stood with me
But it's over, we're done
You fell, now you shun"

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