He Is My Lord God

September 5, 2012
If I could I would fall from the skys to the land to just know I grew upon this holy land, Resting upon this rock I lean my back upon knowing God has my back that's indeed is a true fact, from mile to mile High to Low, from the world so big the only man that can be and go everywhere is my Lord King, for he gave me everything, I may feel low and may feel high but he is always by my side, in the dark and in the light he is no lie, he is mine, God made me from the skys and brought me upon this land indeed that is a fact, no man nor woman has that kind of inpact, but only one does he is God the mighty one, for all may feel him but not see him he is hear, he is near, he is up he is down, he's in the skys and in the ground making peace all around for he is your Lord God let all rest in peace.

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