Final Farewell

September 4, 2012
By Candace Sowle SILVER, Frisco, Texas
Candace Sowle SILVER, Frisco, Texas
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My puppy, my sweetheart, my foolish sweet pea,
A home is a home, with or without me.
You will find love, you will find care,
We may have a bond, but do not despair.
My darling, my pet, my naive little thing,
You will find happiness and what happiness may bring.
For once I depart, my will left to be done,
There will be a new home, with lots of grass in the sun.
I know you will miss me, as loyal dogs do,
But it is only the absence of the old from the new.
You have only one heart, and I am all it has known.
But my heart is greater, you see, I have grown.
Through gain and loss, high and low,
I have suffered greatly, though rarely will it show.
All my babies have left me, one by one,
To learn or grow or die, all to run…
Far, far away, leaving me all alone.
Up until this day, where I give up all I own.
On this day I depart I am filled with regret.
I must break my promise, but do not fret.
It is not by choice, and I love you so,
But you will forget me as soon as I go.
My lovely, my friend, my innocent child,
My time is now up. You are free in the wild.

The author's comments:
When something is new to you, everything is heightened and blown to immense proportions. Someone's first love is almost always more exaggerated in their mind than it truly is in reality. There's always someone for you, the trick is finding that person and not kissing hundreds of toads to find that prince/princess.

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