Inside, Around, Above, and Below me

September 2, 2012
Inside me
Diversity means freedom to let me pick and choose I please
Like catching fish from a river
when the fish are from the largest sea.

My mixed ethnicity gives me three

unique cultures

radical languages

and separate histories
And I select the few threads
And messily weave them into a fragile scarf
Which I wrap around and around me

Until it becomes my identity.

Around me
Diversity means freedom to develop my individuality
Without fear of being a pariah

being unusual

being alone.
I feel alive assimilating
Transforming into my surroundings
Yet my heritage is slightly imperious



Diversity helps me remember who I am
And forget who I am perceived to be.
It gives me aplomb and belonging as

someone so different
but so much like the others: the vast diversity

Above me
Diversity means freedom to venture everywhere
and anywhere available to me.
Endless possibilities
Countless opportunities

I can reach for the stars!

Surpass any limit!
The exhilarating part is discovering every place

yet the hardest part is knowing where to stay.

Below me
Diversity means freedom to boast and celebrate.
I’ve done it all.
I’ve climbed every Everest

Assailed every Ajmer

Danced in every Plaza

Won in every marathon, every race
And I’ve found myself a place
Where everyone, anyone can come
And we can commemorate our freedom

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