The News of the World

September 2, 2012
Or the scum that sells
Fabrications unfurled
Throwing hearts into wells

But what about the ctizens’ right for privacy?

Phony articles in provocative papers,
Soon ones career is controlled by tabloids
Some prosper till their image tapers
By lambasting journalists just filling voids

But what about the journalists’ right for freedom of expression?

As a teen, I choose privacy over freedom
Too much privacy is innocuous
I may sound narcissistic or lonesome
But too much freedom is licentious

Growing up in America I have both
I can shut my door and command my life
Parallely, write about people I love or loathe
But in Britain & France, this debate causes strife

Intractable journalists writing libelous articles about illustrious policitians-
Some of which who’ve worked their whole lives to be where they are,
only to have their lives sucked away

by bottom-feeding vultures.

The right to freedom of expression has had a famous history, yet today, the very journalists who misuse this freedom and claim to call celebrities to account
Should be subject to the same scrutiny themselves.

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