A Modern Renaissance

September 2, 2012
Creation- an act worthy of god
Emulated by creative humans

Some of which lionized; some of which outcasted

Some which commemorated; some of which ignored

The imaginative, following their proclivity
Transforming what could become profligacy
To an evocation, an expression

... or a clamor, a cry for attention?

Argue and prattle on the value of creativity
I am indifferent, it is not debatable
History unveils greatness from imaginative roots
Or theories and guesses would be unwritten

The advent of technology everywhere


..dare I say a tech revolution?
Heartlessly systematic, pedantic
Arts stores bankrupt; Book stores closing;
Audiobooks, Ebooks, Videobooks
Have we lost the mere feel of a book in our hands?
Or the intriguing experience of viewing a painting?

Creativity is needed more than ever
Its whimsical, daring allure
In a society where interest is ephemeral
Originality is priceless, so pure
It’ll take you to the stars



& right back home.

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