Blue Skies, Brown Seas

September 2, 2012
I say, what’s in a name?
If I’m president, leader, king, or captain,
Must everyone follow my rules of the game,
Even if it entails committing a vile sin?

What of the ambivalent young?
Who demur my blue dictums and rules
Must they bite every inquiring tongue,
For fear of being called divisive fools?

I have had a histrionic change of mind
No longer do I desire obsequious, complaisant men
Instead, civilians who cure predicaments they find
Not with a mighty sword but the illustrious pen

Challenge the dogmatic authority, I say
Stop your equals from overpowering you
As radical youth procure revolution day by day
Empower yourself, others, and the impoverished too

I am America.

I say:

Throw tea into harbors

Until the vast sea is brown

And change has come.

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