This Is Reality.

September 2, 2012
If curiosity killed the cat,
Then I must be dead.
If secrets didn't make friends,
Nothing would be said.

Welcome to reality,
Here, you'll go miles.
But keep your opinions to yourself,
Cause you'll be here for a while.

Baby, cutie,
Sweetheart, and dove.
Words spoken by boys
Who can't even recognize love.

Trying to impress?
Why waste your time?
Such a valuable item,
You certainly won't receive mine.

Yes, we all waste some time,
Searching for perfection.
But what we all end up with,
Is this endless infection.

They say 'don't give up',
But we can't all succeed.
Argue and you may,
There's gotta' be some greed.

Don't pretend life's easy.
Instead pretend princess and royalty.
Cause' in the real world darlin',
There's only haters and loyalty.

Don't take things lightly,
Take care of them now.
When you're older and stronger,
You'll find new ways how.

Life can be hard,
So find moments you can keep.
You might find yourself flying,
Or swimming way to deep.

Stop trying to be perfect,
Don't be like all the fakes.
Stop trying to grow up,
Have fun, make mistakes!

This is reality,
There's not one off switch.
It's the luck of the draw,
And here's comes your 3rd pitch.

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