Stop Bullying and Speak Up!

September 2, 2012
By , Lexington, GA
-With every hurtful word,
and every tear shed
the 16 year old girl
makes her way into bed.

She feels like she is lost
like no one is there for her
her world getting dark and grey
she thinks there is no cure.

The world is filled with sorrow
her mind is filled with hate
she doesn’t know what to do anymore
so she turns to God and prays:

"God will you please help me
I hate being bullied at school
I feel like Im always alone
and that bullies always rule.
They make me feel empty
with their cruel, hurtful words
I just wish that somedays
my voice would be heard.
I don’t have many friends Lord
but with this special prayer
with all my strength and love for you
can you try to get me there?
I haven’t done anything wrong Lord
and everyday I try
but after school when I go home
I lay on my bed and cry.
I just want to be happy
and not worry everyday
about being bullied at school
so I can go on my merry way.
So Lord if you can help me
to get rid of all the hate
please answer this one prayer
that would be really great." Amen.

The 16 year old girl's prayers
were answered in her sleep
no more bullying or hurt
only happiness now to keep.

The next day at school
the bullied left her alone
the 16 year old girl
is now free to roam.

She made a few friends
and wears a smile on her face
she is no longer scared or worried
she is happy in her place.

**Bullying is wrong
every person sometimes becomes weak
we all have different feelings
so please think before you speak.

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