you have a pretty face, dont let society change that.

September 2, 2012
i dont care what society has to say.
i am who i say i am.
and its gonna stay that way.
just because im not skinny.
or even a size zero.
doesnt mean im not pretty
but thats for all the girls who ever wanted to be a hero.
its time to stand up to make a change.
to brighten someones day.
trust me when i say.
we are who we are, beautiful women.
we dont need to spend five dollars on a lip gloss.
we dont need five layers of mascara.
YOU have a pretty face
dont let society change that.
i dont care what people say about race.
black, white, yellow, and brown.
we make new york town
look disgusting.
instead of worrying about your make up.
worry about your best friend.
because make up will always come off.
but friends will stay forever.
dont listen to those girls who dont know better when they say your not pretty.
well it's true.
your beautifully gorgeous, not pretty.
please dont let society ruin our hearts,
our minds,
our face,
or our thoughts.
dont look somewhere and say i want to look like her.
because someone out in the world is looking at you and saying i wish i was her.
its enough,
stop looking,
start appreciating.

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hails1997 said...
Sept. 10, 2012 at 3:53 pm
Great poem!  I love the idea of it!
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