Storms Of Thunderous Anger (SOTA)

August 29, 2012
Thunderous clouds, louder than ever known to human kind, and other animals. Everyday is supposed to be a clear sunny day, and every time something triggers the weather, it gets cloudy, then cloudier to the point of all the weather elements come to the source of anger coming from me.The brewing weather storm, closing in on all directions to the center main spot. the storm can be heard in Heaven and Hell.Approaching at gaining speed , blowing away that impose an immediate threat. Getting that very keen sense of my surroundings, and others' emotions, adrenaline coursing through my veins like the lighting in the storm. Nothing can stop it once it starts destruction of everything in sight. his storm could out last, out maneuver, out smart, and out match any super heros all together. The storm is creating loud vicious noises, like something you would find in a fictional movie, a person can be struck by deafness from anywhere in this world. God and Satan can hear it, but it's not new noise to them. They've heard it for billions of years. Storms like this one leaves people in distraught within thirty seconds of the beginning of the storms most famous entrance of a life time with many more to come. The storm produced by my anger never comes quietly, especially at the beginning. The storm is coming, starting off with small tremors of warnings, and gets louder, and louder, until it comes barreling and blowing past anything and everything to get to the cause of why it came in the first place. Taking down with every means necessary to bring down the opposition. The storm only calming down after the threat is taken out and down.

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