I'm Still Here

August 29, 2012
By Phoebe Morrson BRONZE, Mount Kisco, New York
Phoebe Morrson BRONZE, Mount Kisco, New York
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I’m Still here

When the lenses have closed
The makeup has been removed
The gifts have been sent
The articles thrown away
Into the back allies of Detroit

My face strewn across the front page
Marred with smudges of dirt
Under foot but out of mind
Tossed into the ruble
Of yesterdays conversation

The Plates are still shattered
The windows are still broken
The papers are still strewn
The clothes are still stained
With remnants of past pain

Eyes have been shut
Ears have been closed
Cheeks have been turned
Mouths have been silenced
A shield of nonexistence
Cast over me
I’m still here

The author's comments:
In the midst of war and natural disaster the world pays close attention to the horror that many witness through times of trouble but after a few weeks people begin to lose interest. It seems horrible to me that after a new story breaks on the news victims of events become overshadowed and forgotten.

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