Creating a Creation

August 26, 2012
By edwardlongshanks BRONZE, Fullerton, California
edwardlongshanks BRONZE, Fullerton, California
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My difficulties belong to me

The beauty in all things flow through you. Fill you with inspiration and energy, and you would be hard pressed to stop once you have started.
Let the thought-words slide their way down from your fingers into the keyboards, into the pencil, and into the brush.
Let the colors in your mind bloom on the whitest of white canvases, and let your fingers mold the soft clay into the physical manifestations of your personality.
Create, so that we do not forget.
Create, so that we might capture forever the beautiful, the hideous, the false, and the true.
Create, and let all behold your creations.
Create, and mind not the words of others.
For what truly is beautiful is the creating of the creation.

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