A Few Words Of Encouragement

August 26, 2012
By Brenda_Cabrera BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Brenda_Cabrera BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Just keep swimming" ' haters will always be hating doesnt mean you have to waste your time on them

They say you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Sometimes you back out, but then wonder what could have happened if you took that shot. Would you succeed. Or fail miserably. All eyes on you waiting to see what your next move is. Do you toss it with out effort hoping you get lucky. Or the fact you don't care. Sometimes you follow the crowd. Other's focus, everyone tries to distract you. Turning terminator mode. Search.Lock.Set.Shoot. 90% of the time you get it. Sometimes less. All on you no one can force you. How good or bad you do is all on you. At times it comes easy. Others would be like a half court shot blind folded.

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