The Night and the Day

August 25, 2012
By DementorKiss GOLD, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
DementorKiss GOLD, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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The dark sky, so lit up with stars and the moon,
Hangs above me, waiting for the sun to come brighten its mood.
All of my surroundings- the trees, the flowers, the grass- become shadowy figures,
Not caring what they look like for they only love the day.
The animals and the insects don’t scurry on their way;
They sleep within their houses, and wait until it’s day.
As soon as the sun makes her way into the sky,
The trees and plants and creatures, all come to life.
They yawn away their sorrow and shake away their gloom;
Their colors start showing and all because the dark sky
Has brightened and become new.

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