August 25, 2012
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This is where the hatred lies,
A mask of beauty is its disguise,
The hatred might take you by surprise,
Make love, start an uprise.

Don't let the hate get to you too,
Save your self from the dark,
You think you're safe?
Well this ain't no walk in the park.

You say you're wise,
You're just a kid,
You think you're strong?
I'll prove you wrong.

Look me in the eyes,
And see the black,
Filled with lies,
I can never go back.

As they call your name,
And say their lies,
Don't play their game,
Or start saying your goodbyes.

Save yourself,
If you can,
They want your soul,
You're part of their plan.

Ignore the hate,
Grab the love,
You make your own fate,
Find out what you're made of.

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