I'll Make It

August 25, 2012
By , Miller Place, NY
I’ve been waiting here at rock bottom for as long as I can remember
Waiting for someone to count to three so that I can summon the energy to get back up
I’ve thrust myself up before, and gotten just far enough
So that when I fall and tumble back down
I hit all the same sharp rocks
Then I dig myself a deep warm hole where I hide
And pray the darkness will heal my wounds
So one day I can try again
Then I was given tools to help me climb
I’ve been staring at them for months now, waiting
I don’t know why
But now I’m standing here at the base of this dark abyss with my tools
Looking up, petrified
But I’ll trust in my tools, and I wont look down again
And maybe this time, I’ll make it

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