The Knock of Opportunity

August 26, 2012
By shaylapurple16 PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
shaylapurple16 PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
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To the door of chances,
Comes the knock of opportunity.
In any shape and size,
In any order of importance.

You opening the door,
Could change everything.
It’s the difference between a fulfilling life,
And a normal one.

There may be work,
Sacrifices and more,
To open that door of chances

Some don’t get that knock.
They work twice as hard to create opportunity.
So when it comes your way, don’t take it for granted:
Open the door.

The author's comments:
In my religious education class, we talked about how in life everyone can be so busy and caught up with things, that we may never have a free moment, unless out of the blue we have an opportunity to do something that we may not have been able to do normally. We talked about how you have to grab onto that opportunity and take advantage of it, because some don't have the opportunities that we do, and have to create their own. We talked about a girl in India who was quite poor, but was one of the top scorers in a standardized school test in India. Her story was so inspiring: late at night after doing all of the work in her house, she would go study outside under the street lights for hours, because they didn't have lights in their house, just so she would do well. She could've said she was too tired, or complained about not having lights, but instead she created her own opportunity to be great. I loved this concept and wanted to write about it.

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