August 25, 2012
My world is falling apart.
One piece at a time.
Everything I come to love,
slips through my fingers,
and is carried away in the breeze,
along with a piece of my heart.
I can't come to anyone.
Except myself.
if I love myself enough,
I will also slip away from this world.

My heart is a withering rose.
It slowly falls apart,
dropping layers at a time,
until eventually in vanishes.
And all that's left is a structure,
that used to hold life and beauty.
It slowly falls apart until it dies.
i slowly fade out of your life until I'm gone.
Then you throw me out,
along with the memories I made.
I've lost everything.
Everything that meant anything to me.
As my world falls apart,
my heart does too.
The wounds become more open.
I try to stay strong,
but it gets onerous,
when you live in a world,
that's become corrupt.

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