August 25, 2012
By BlackDynamite SILVER, Danville, Virginia
BlackDynamite SILVER, Danville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"I am what I am"

Ok, you want me to puke on this page.
So I will.

And I will always loathe you. I sit here now
Saying, Bonjour! Still thinking je ne Suis pas
Sympa. Pardon my French, but I literally
Hate you.
If a person is personified by their utter
Repulsion of a being; or in your case
Vermin. This is how I can explain my
Complete dislike pour toi. I suppose love
Is described as being a flowing concept.
Sure, maybe this is true. Yet, let me convey
The ever so obvious truth to you Hun.

When I feel love, at the times I acknowledge you
As a being. Concrete would be softer, and flow easier.
Now, I Hate you, because you’re beautiful. Alison Paige.
I cannot neglect the fact. This truth I release.
I love you.
Please allow me to express to you what the
Basis for my truth is. Bounded by the constrictions
That life has placed in front of us. Why do people
Commit themselves to contracts of life that are
Determined to hurt us? Love is the opposite of faith,
But the two are one in the same to those who open
Their eyes and want to see clearly the blades of grass
Which grow around the bell, which tolls for ME.

When you open your eyes I’ll be gone.
Thus, the destiny that man has the chance
To obtain is lost. So to lessen the Pain of
My Heart and your Mind, I take the
Advantage. Now, I say, deuces Boo Boo.
I’m out.

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