Baby Girl

August 25, 2012
By BlackDynamite SILVER, Danville, Virginia
BlackDynamite SILVER, Danville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"I am what I am"

We stand here
On the edges of our faith
Hoping that the copter of contradiction
Will swoop around
And collect the child
Wondering devenir
When does mommy come home
Why does daddy stop loving me
Am I not pretty to him anymore
Finally she reaches the age of adolescence
Father doesn’t touch her anymore
The way he used to
Back in the days of seven
Mother no longer sees her daughter
A diamond in the rough
Instead an ignorant Labrador
Who wishes to dirty
Her beautiful White Coat
With the filth
Of that arrogant
Yet humble
Loyal Brown Shepard
Mommy dearest doesn’t realize
Dog’s are color blind
We only see the magnificence
In the Canine Emperor
That captures our yearning heart
So mother don’t look upon my love
As youthful foolishness
I am a child of desperate longing
Seeking to feel the whole
Left by my father’s mischief
And my mothers hate
So I cling to the desires
That my longing places before me
I sever the ties of bondage
Holding me to your pain
Goodbye mother
I shed no more tears
Hoping that I’m your favorite color
In the crayon box

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because i had two friends going through hell in order to be together because they were of different race. i want people to see and understand it isn't all about the skin, its about the heart.

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