Somthing you cant see

August 25, 2012
By , newport news, VA
Your yell you scream you fuss you cuss , you strike my face with a stone near the street , unashamed of what you do you publicly allow things to abuse me emotionally , for you treat me like I'm not a child , as if I'm grown , you make me spend money on you , and you speak the reasons that you do , you say that your tired that your sick .
but yet you still have the energy to talk to a man as if the light has shined in your eye , and you have walked into the door of after life , You smile as if your fine , but you never leave you room before nine , you wake up past 10 and still sleep even after than , for someone who's so sick can sure hit as if I'm the safe that wont give you the code to your million dollar prize , I'm not sad nor mad but relived to know that soon I will be 18 an know that all things will work for me for i have faith something your brain is lacking and yet it still makes you believe that you have something to hold on to , and the conversations between your heart an you only pulls you back into the pain in which you hold on to , letting it out on the wrong ones because you cant stand to see them happy when everyone and everything is heartbroken around you, so strike like its alright because you seeing tears from there face make you happy and give you that feeling that you wish they have , and you refuse to listen to what they say because wisdom from there mouth makes you dumbfounded and your brain makes you feel like your not superior so you block out their words and only care for the ones like depression and you , alone with nothing to do.

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