Chime Box

August 24, 2012
By BreannaMM PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
BreannaMM PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
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Chime box, the thing that empty’s and fills you mind and soul.

Empty’s by forgetting,

And fills by reminding.

Fills thoughts of happiness and warmth,

And empty’s thoughts of anger and sadness.

The only tears cried,

Are tears of joy.

Joy of remembrance.

Remembrance of love; love of a memory.

The memories that bring peace, like still waters in the eye of the storm.

The rolling thunder,

the bursts,

and the cracks of lightning,

are drowned out by the tune of the chime your heart needs to here.

The chime comes from the box,

The box of memories,

The box of a whisper… that is screaming….

Love … It yells it back to the storm.

This seems to calm and quiet the storm and allows you to clear and clean your head of the nightmare you seemed to be trapped in.

The tune fills your cleared head, and the remembrance of love fills your heart.

The memories of what was or is to come,feeds your body allowing it to relax and create a plan,

A path for you to maneuver around the insanity the storm brings.

The tune ends as you close the box.

You are now ready to face and defeat the storm.

Once you have stood your ground and the storm has passed you are now stronger than ever and prepared with the knowledge and skills for the next storm to come.

Chime box; not something to get rid of the storm/ problems but to allow some time of clarity and to help you get through the storm/ problem.

Chime box; A friend, that empty’s and fills your mind and soul...

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