From the Edge of Defeat

August 24, 2012
Like a bird, it calls to me
Mocking my every thought
Trot over me, you lose
Canter, you’ll fall
As if a whisper no more than a word
It chants to me, tempting me with defeat
Think you can, you won’t
Think you should, you don’t
Knuckles white, I grasp on to the chains
Willing the gate of my mind to keep closed
my thoughts flounder and my will burns
The challenge of defeat slowly grasps my mind
Setting fire to its holds
Lowering my head, I give myself to the rasps of the bird
like a light, an essence of beauty sings to me
Resonating through the sin of temptation
Push, it wills
Fight, it demands
Looking down, I peer into the soul of the music
And into the eye of a horse
Longing me to command its every move
To embark on the edge of the journey
And soar with the marks of freedom
Bidding me to rise from the thought of can’t
And it to the realm of can
Instructing me to dig my heels into the flanks
And bid farewell to temptation
And hello to strength

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