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When Giving Up Is The Option

August 27, 2012
By JustAPunk BRONZE, Jackson, Missouri
JustAPunk BRONZE, Jackson, Missouri
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Let down your walls,
Or at least open the gate,
Will you see the good in my eyes?
My heart.
My soul.
Struggle I may,
Fight I must.
Empires burning,
That were built on trust.

I use my white flag,
Please stop,

I wear these left over scars with pride,
If I could I would so maybe I should-
Prove a point that will be misunderstood-
On my knee's again for you,
My hands conceal the waterfall of my eyes,
For you.
I leave the gate,
As the empire is in rubble,
Now just smoke but let the ember reamin
Anger, frusration of emoionts I cannot tame.

Im waving my white flag.
Please stop.

The author's comments:
Through struggle in life, the hardships of love and hate can swarm your mind. Blinding you from things you really need in life.

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