The Lonely Maple

August 24, 2012
By Braydog1124 BRONZE, Smithfield, Utah
Braydog1124 BRONZE, Smithfield, Utah
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Creaking, Cracking, Snapping,
The wind whistles through the lonely maple’s branches.

It drips golden tears of sap.

Towering over the verdant forest

Like an ancient sentinel

The tree silently mourns its fallen family.

It ponders,

Meanings of life,

Meanings of death,

Ponders its loneliness.

It realizes,

To stop the pain of loneliness

It must die,

And so, with the last drop of its resolve

It falls.
Golden-red leaves tumble to the forest floor,

Thousand year branches snap,

And in death,

it realizes,

It was not alone.

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