August 24, 2012
By zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Hate cannot outstrive hate, only love can do that
Darkness cannot outstrive darkness only light can do that


I am the ending of all life
I am the sorrow of goodbyes
I am not beginning I am end
I represent lies that are bent
The truth figures itself after I’m done my cruel ways
Place anger on his unnourished heart and let it lay
Let rained snow shower upon me to hide my guilty conscious
I hope my tears washed away my dead filthiness
When a life has disappeared that’s when the people love cheer
All you can hear is laughter and applause while inside I feel fear
All I see is black in stead of color
Worn out nature instead of prosper
I suffer from the reverse of discrimination
I will not be judge by what I am but tortured from my needs of starvation
I am not a father to parity of diminutive human life
You embody a battle that has departed but peculiarly is still alive
How could I be an inanimate lifeless object that has no control?
I am a stray who was made but not created in wide unopened cold
Love is a natural fragrance that would never want to meet my face
Because I am an unknown substance who’s feelings goes to waste
Because I am filled with difficult battle field who are waiting to be tested
I want to leave this sacred world without a word and put to be rested
Although I am the ending of all life
The sorrow of goodbyes
I will not be end but will be beginning
I will not represent lies that are bent but lies that are clinging

The author's comments:
The guillotine is a basic machine used by the french to cut people heads off, so i wrote through the eyes of the guillotine,to give the inanimate object a chance to color its feelings.

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