Stand up

August 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Stand up
stand up for yourself
and for others
rise, rise like the sun does
because you know
no one knows what
you really hide
how special you are
and you,now but you
are just afraid
like we all are.

shout out
so they can hear you
be your voice
and give voiceless people
a voice too
be loud, make noise
you can't keep silent
forever and you know
you know you can't
and you know you don't

open your eyes
you know its not fair
they think your worthless
then prove them wrong
make them open
their eyes too
so they can see,
so you can see
how special you really are
who you really are
but have you already
seen that, when you look
in the mirror what do you see?.

Don't act like you are deaf
like you don't hear them
like it doesn't hurt
you cover your ears
but you can still hear
those words rumbling
in your ears, in your head
in you heart, in your soul
leaving scars you cannot heal
hear, and let them hear your
voice and let them know
how much it hurts.

touch, touch your wrists
feel, the scars you made
are you satisfied?
another day you did it
again you took the pills
and then forgot, the hollow
feeling of loneliness
the fear, the tears
feel, your aching head
is it worth it?
let them feel, feel by themselves
all the pain , the pain in your head
when you take the pills
in your wrists, when you cut yourself
let them feel, so they know
what they've done to you
what you have done to yourself.

Stand up
shout out
open your eyes
Don't cover your ears
show them what you hide
let them hear you shout out
make them open their eyes
so they can see you
so you can see yourself
Don't cover your ears even when it
hurts , and meke them hear too
so they can hear the voice traped inside
of you
feel, feel the pain and remember
you don't want to feel this way again
and make, them feel, all of your pain
so they can see what you hide in your heart
Stand up,rise, let them know
that you won't, that you can't
give up.

The author's comments:
I am the kind of person
that is bothered for being
diferent and, I know how
much it hurts to deal with
people and their mean words

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