Being with you...

August 24, 2012
Empty thoughts are filled with your being
And yet, somehow being with you is so freeing
You've consumed my brain
Almost enough to stray me away from sane
I can't thrive in the past,
Babe we've gotta make this time last
Day in and day out, 'tis you my dear
You remove every doubt and every fear
Leading me into a future that is inhabited by your love, 
I yearn for the feeling of your hands placed around my waist tight as gloves 
I know you give me your all
And you were kind enough to break my fall, into your love-sheltered abbess
Seven billion, and the world threw me you
How'd I get so lucky with ending up every color except for 'blue'?
Your fingers and mine intwined,
Perfectly imperfect love isn't all we'll find…

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