Being with you...

August 24, 2012
By Bri_Bri_ BRONZE, Archie, Missouri
Bri_Bri_ BRONZE, Archie, Missouri
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Empty thoughts are filled with your being
And yet, somehow being with you is so freeing
You've consumed my brain
Almost enough to stray me away from sane
I can't thrive in the past,
Babe we've gotta make this time last
Day in and day out, 'tis you my dear
You remove every doubt and every fear
Leading me into a future that is inhabited by your love, 
I yearn for the feeling of your hands placed around my waist tight as gloves 
I know you give me your all
And you were kind enough to break my fall, into your love-sheltered abbess
Seven billion, and the world threw me you
How'd I get so lucky with ending up every color except for 'blue'?
Your fingers and mine intwined,
Perfectly imperfect love isn't all we'll find…

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