August 28, 2012
By BrandonSantos BRONZE, Spanaway, Washington
BrandonSantos BRONZE, Spanaway, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"The size of your success is measured bt the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way."-Robert Kiyosaki

I set goals which no one believed I could reach

I always dreamt one day ill make it to the top

God gave me a chance to make a name for myself

Domino lux changed my whole mindset on life

God laid down the path to take

Now I walk that path with my head high and chest out

Because I speak the words that will change your minds

I did not make it t the top just yet

I still believe that one day will come

My mama told me son never give up and never look back

In the words of my older brother chase the dreams never walk to it

Because life is not a game to be played with

Take your chances risk it all because you will never know if you

If you don’t take that opportunity or chance

To become someone in life

To be that person saying I made it to the top

Im going to risk it all

Take my chances because I believe I could do it

I came from nothing

Trying to get somewhere in life

Trying to make a name for myself

Im on a quest to make it known

Even if you live on a small island

You still have a chance to be known

I come from a beautiful island called guam

Yes its in the pacific ocean

Yet I made it to Washington

Going to make my hometown proud

We are going to rise together and make this movement

Stand proud fight for what you believe in

Make positive changes in life and you will see

God has his ways of making dreams come true

Just believe and never fade away

From who you are

Let me end this saying

I thrive on the hardship and pain

Because life is hard no lie

Nothing will come easy

So go with the flow and you will see

Everything you risked will pay off

When your at the top screaming

Can you hear me now

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