A Purpose

August 28, 2012
I am a Chamorro spitting what comes from the heart, the mind and the soul

God gave me life for one reason and one reason only

To speak the truth and meaningful words that will change other peoples minds

I strive for excellence

I strive for glory

Trying to make it to the top can anyone hear me

Along the way I learned a listen trust yourself and yourself only

people try to bring me down yet they try time after time

never succeeding never grabbing a hold of my mind or soul

I fight for what I believe for and whats important in life

I live my life to the fullest never regretting

Because whats life without knowing your good and your bad

Whats life without falling and getting back up

Whats life if you cannot fail or succeed

Let me tell you again im a proud Chamorro and I bet you I been through it all

Pulling grass with my bare hands working in the hot sun for hours in a day

Seeing fights for no dam reason

I see people fall and fail not knowing what to do

Living in the own cars or sleeping on the dirty ground

I see kids without shoes or shirts asking people to help them out

People passing them and turning away

What has the world come to now a days

What happen to people helping people

What can I say im a Chamorro that cares for other people who are in need

God gave me a gift in other words a talent

He gave me the gift to speak what comes to mind

That will change other peoples life and minds

Let me end this saying

Im a proud Chamorro coming from a small island

Coming from nothing trying to become someone

Trying to make this world a better place

With the strong words I speak

Everyone hear me now

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