Blood Turns the Tide

August 27, 2012
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Blood is the mirror

the pathway to the soul.
Eyes see and reflect

but they do not create or protect.
Thick and thin-

courage is seen bathed in red

found nowhere but there.

Blood leaves stains-

unforgiving, permanent,

unbiased of sins or deeds.
Blood bubbles and seethes

and drips and flows...
And, there, begins-
Emotions swerve and coil,

and smolder and diminish...
Blood IS from the heart

forever relying on a beat of the drum

both blessed and gifted.

How else would loyalty, love,

thy own self,

be determined?
How else would a life be saved,

a life be given?
How else would today

seem a true reality?

Blood is no horror-

not an ending, but beginning;

it contains a story in all.
Dripping to the beating of hearts,

the rhythm of souls.
Each drop a story-

a memory-

a secret.
Untold, until, finally...

when all runs dry

There's nothing more left to tell

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