Your Place

August 27, 2012

There is a place that people go,
A place that only they know.
A place of comfort, a place of peace,
A place where all madness will cease.

This is a place to get away from the world,
When everything, it seems, was hurled,
Down upon you, and it’s too much,
All this chaos and madness and such.

You can go to this place to escape,
All these things you’d rather not face.
This is your place that you can reshape,
Since the outside world is such a disgrace.

Your place can be whatever you want,
It can even be nonchalant,
In your place, you can be blunt,
You don’t even have to confront,
All the emotions inside of you,
Just do whatever you want to.

This place is your home away from home,
It’s a place where you’re free to roam,
All over, wherever you please,
You never ever need any keys.

But alas, you must go back,
To your world that’s full of flack,
Your place will always be here,
Whenever you need to escape your fear.

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