August 27, 2012

The past is the past for a reason,
The present changes every season.

History, you cannot change,
It already happened, it may be strange.

It never changes; it’s all the same,
History, it’s not a game.

You cannot play it or change it,
But with some luck, you can make it.

History is a part of your life,
Just as much as a butter knife.

Every day, History is used or made,
History itself will never fade.

Columbus, Magellan, Hitler, and more,
All this History is thrown out the door.

The names and memories may go away,
But History remains bright as day.

People think since it’s the past,
They needn’t worry, just live life fast.

But they are foolish to think that, you see,
History likes to repeat, or that’s the tendency.

The people who know their History,
Will not live a life of mystery.

All these things happen in the past,
The History- it seems so vast.

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