Touch, Breath, Walk, Dream, Wonder, Ponder, Live, Love and Happiness

August 27, 2012
Touch: Like never before. Like the cool breeze on a hot summer flowing through your body. Hitting every spot just like my soft kisses that touch your soft smooth velvet body.
- Breath: The air that surrounds you. Absorb it the way you absorb my kisses each and every time you take a deep breath into your lungs. Breath baby breath, the sweet scent of me.
- Walk: towards your destiny no matter how far or deep it is <3. Walk to me and lets take the next step together for eternity. Walk with God and get your blessing.
- Dream: Like never before, reach the stars and give it your all. <3. Dream big, brave, strong and healthy. Dream all you can Babygirl<3. Dream and never run from it.
*Wonder and Ponder and live abundantly.
*Live for another blessed day <3.
*Love equally and share with others.
*Love God, yourself, and love me <3.
*Happiness is all round you.

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